This is how I made smoked chicken!

Thank you for visiting the site 🙂

I will share with you how I made smoked chicken.


1)  Season chicken with salt, sugar, pepper, and sake or white wine

2)  Leave it for one night

3)  Cut chicken in 2 or 3pieces

4)  Put 1-2 table spoon of smoke chips in a pan

5)  Lay a piece of aluminum foil and gill net on the chip, then lay seasoned chicken on top.

6)  Start smoking with medium~high heat first

7)  Lower the heat when the chip start smoking

8)  Smoke for 20 minutes.

9)  Stop the heat and leave it for another 20 minutes. (don’t open the pan yet ! wait!)


  1. Done!


Do you find it easy or difficult?

Try it if you are interested.  It’s not that difficult.

And you house don’t get smokey as you might be worried.


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