Special edition of Matsumoto Bonbon festival 2018 report

I’m sending you a Matsumoto Bonbon festival 2018 report today!


I put on yukata yesterday. This yukata has been with me since I was in high school !!  You can still wear the same kimono for over a quarter of a century.  It’s one of the good aspect of Japanese cloths, don’t you think?


We arrived at the festival area around 6:30.

Soon after that, my children got a piece of watermelon for free!

Yum yum!!

I like watermelon, but I didn’t take a piece because I didn’t want my hands get sticky!


We walked along the street watching a lot of people enjoy dancing.

I didn’t find any friends or acquaintance this year in the dancing group or people on the street.

I met 5-6 friends last year and thought “Wow, I seem to have many friends in Matsumoto!!”  … but nobody this year.  I have less friends than last year???


But a friend of mine gave me a line message “We are in the festival and going to have dinner here. Do you want to come and join us?”


Yeah!!  Why not!!

And here’s my friends and us.  At a small restaurant in town.



We enjoyed deep fried vegetables and meat.

They were very crispy and so nice!!  I can’t cook like this at home.

Yum Yum again!



My son made takoyaki in a takoyaki pan.

He’s good at making takoyaki.  He often does it when I hold a party at my place .  He’s a takoyaki cook in our family 🙂


Bon Bon dance was almost over when we got out of the restaurant.

Kids still can enjoy the festival.  Their main purpose is not watching Bon Bon dance, but buying and eating food at Yatai!!

A big shaved ice with strawberry flavor.

I tried one spoonful of it, but that was enough.  It was too strong!!!  I mean, It was too sweet for me.


Surprisingly, kids stopped by at a cotton candy yatai right after they finished their shaved ice.

They looked up at me and said…

“Hey mom, can we….?”


No, No, No.

No way!!!   Too much sugar in a day!!!

Can’t believe their sense of food sometimes.


Well, it was about 9:00.  It was a good time to head for our home.

We enjoyed walking in the middle of the street because cars were not allowed to come in the festival area.

I could let them run around without feeling any stress.

It was a fun time!

No mommy in the wold likes to keep saying “Don’t Run!!”, “Danger!!!” or “Watch out for cars!!!”


It was a nice summer night event.

Going a summer festival is tough and tiring for parents, but I have good memory in childhood that I had enjoyed those festivals.

Now it’s the time to take my children to have that experience 🙂

Hope they also enjoy it!

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